A balanced world is a better world. How can you help forge a more gender-balanced world? Celebrate women's achievement.

The growing Pakistani fitness industry has come a long way. Unlike past, Pakistan now has many young and promising fitness enthusiasts that are revitalizing the fitness industry in the country. Some of these young and passionate fitness enthusiasts are women. These Pakistani women have given up everything to pursue their passion for fitness and they have successfully changed the way we looked at women in Fitness.
This year on International Women’s Day, we are paying a tribute to Pakistani women who are changing the fitness industry in Pakistan.

Nusrat Hidayatullah
Nusrat Hidayatullah
Who doesn’t know NUSRAT HIDAYATULLAH? She is the co-founder of Pakistan’s most famous fitness program called “The 42-Day Challenge”. It got so famous that from common people to celebrities, everyone joined in and lost the massive amount of unnecessary fat!

Mantahaa Tareen
mantahaa tareen
Mantahaa is a former banker. She started her gym routine when she was working in the bank and saw many women appreciating her workout methods, so she decided to join the fitness industry as a full-time career. Today Mantahaa is one of the most well-known coaches in Pakistan and owns the wellness company in Karachi.

Fatima Zara Malik
FZM Fitness
Fatima Zara Malik is the CEO and head trainer at FZM Boutique Fitness. Fatima has studied fitness in the UK, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the UAE and is a trainer, a Zumba instructor, and Pakistan's first Piloxing (Pilates and Kickboxing) trainer. She also specializes in rehabilitation training along with pre and post-natal training.

Mehak Taherani
mahek taherani
Mehak Taherani is the co-founder of MUV fitness program. She is a certified CrossFit trainer and yogi. Mehak is a trainer that anyone would be proud to have.

Sidra Noureen
sidra noureen
Sidra Noureen has a great passion for bodybuilding. She started out very young and broke all the stereotypes. Despite difficulties, Sidra fought against all the odds and pursued her passion for bodybuilding. She has now become a very popular public fitness figure in Pakistan.

Amal Sarwar
amal sarwar
Amal Sarwar became a certified fitness instructor in the UK and then started training at the YMCAFit. Amal also holds several other certifications such as the Ricky Hatton Boxing Academy Certification. She combines several workout routines into one program that keeps it fun and engaging for her trainees.

Maryam Tarik
maryam tarik
Maryam Tarik is a freelance self-defense and conditioning trainer based in Islamabad. She has expertise in MMA, Muay Thai, core strengthening, postural management, and strength training. She has recently started her online training programs in order to facilitate more and more people.

Shafaq Bhatti
shafaq bhatti
Shafaq has pursued fitness training as her career. She has expertise in HIIT, strength training and Power Yoga. She is working as a senior fitness instructor at Vivafit Islamabad. She is also pursuing her degree in diet and nutritional science.

Mahwish Shakil
mahwish shakil
Mahwish Shakil is a fitness enthusiast who looks like a beauty but literally trains like a beast. She is a fitness trainer at Velocity X and has been pursuing her passion with full devotion.

Verdah Rehan Khan
verdah rehan khan
Verdah Rehan Khan is a fun loving, cheerful and energetic fitness enthusiast. She owns her fitness studio by the name VRK Studios, where she conducts fitness classes for Ladies only. She has expertise in Zumba, HIIT, and Cardio.

Atika Khan
Atika khan
Atika Khan is a former first-class cricketer. She is an athlete and has got degree in sports sciences. She is working as a coach and fitness trainer specialized in HIIT.